Arizona-Mexico Border Tour

Experiencing the realities of the U.S.-Mexico border up close is as simple as buying an $89 ticket. The Tucson, Arizona, office of Gray Line Tours is offering the trip twice a month.  Arizona-Mexico border Tour

The tour operator bills the trip as “a fact-finding mission” that allows tourists to draw their own conclusions. “Don’t let the politicians and news broadcasters become your only source of information,” the tour description says on the Gray Line Tours’ website.

Tourists are taken to the border fence. They take a look at a pedestrian bridge connecting the two countries. They see Customs and Border Protection agents in action at a crossing point, although they can’t get too close for security reasons. And then they go to the areas where more than a hundred immigrants die each year. Since last October, more than 130 migrants have died while trying to cross the Arizona desert, according to the U.S. Border Patrol.

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What a fantastic idea.  Show America what is really happening, not what the liberal media wants you to hear or see.  Do they show you the miles and miles of trash the illegals leave in the desert? Do they tell you the economic impact of the drugs and killings related to these open borders?  Unfortunately I hear they don’t take you where the real action is.

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