Because like the liberals, we need to start supporting those who share our beliefs. Because you’re fed up and appreciate that you have a conservative choice.  You are done watching the country fall apart, you’re sick of corruption, and you knew in your heart of hearts that she should have been locked up.

You knew Hillary was a lying crook.  That Obama did everything in his power to divide the country.  He lied to your face to pass what he knew would become socialized medicine. Our Attorney General, Eric Holder, called us a nation of cowards.  What about Loretta Lynch’s chance encounter with Bill Clinton on her plane at the Phoenix airport, just before they announced no charges would be filed? That Bill Clinton’s NAFTA combined with a globalist government helped relocate millions of American jobs to Mexico and China.  You watched as Lois Learner and the politicized IRS targeted conservative organizations, and got away with it. We witnessed CNN contributors feed debate questions to the corrupt left.  When they got caught, Hillary put them in key campaign positions. You’re as tired as I am of freebies for votes, and still don’t understand how dead people always vote left.  Open boarders make you want to puke.  You understand that if the left can actualize their plan of mandatory voting combined with their corrupt voting machines, conservatism will no longer exist.  Recently the left has created the term “fake news” to discredit view points that they don’t agree with.   Remember how Obama tried to delegitimize Fox news?  Now why would you use an agent who believes or worse yet supports the left?

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