cash for keys arizonaUpdate: The amount banks are offering for relocation assistance is going down, but don’t let that be the driving factor.  The goal is to leave your home with the minimal amount of damage to your credit report.  You need an agent who is experienced in getting it done.  Every day I see homes that go to foreclosure because the listing agent couldn’t get it done.  Minimize the damage to your credit.  Call me at 602.403.7799.

Cash for keys Arizona, what does this mean?  Banks giving money for short sales? Yes the trend in Arizona and around the country has been a great reduction in foreclosure listings and commensurate increase in short sales. Cash for keys Arizona is beginning in our state and officials from Wells Fargo in October 2011 said that they are now paying sellers to short sell their home in stead of just walking away. Another expert told us that banks are sending out cash for keys $7,500 gift cards in other states once someone is 30 days late on their mortgage. Once one major bank does it…Cash for keys Arizona will be here soon. In Fact Wells Fargo has supposedly started a program like cash for keys Arizona by sending letters offering up to $35,000 to the seller to do a short sale. Banks giving money for short sales? Why would banks give sellers cash for keys in Arizona to do a short sale and then give them another loan? (Please note that as a Realtor I make no claim to the impeccability of the exact data or how this will play out in every situation; yet this information about banks giving money for short sales is quite reliable information.) Of course the seller will still have to meet the “means test” to prevent any and everyone from qualifying for Cash For Keys Arizona thus getting money to do a short sale but banks giving money for short sales as you will see is the best form of loss mitigation for their investors. Obviously these kinds of programs would apply to cash for keys in Chandler, cash for keys in Gilbert, cash for keys in Scottsdale, cash for keys in Tempe AZ. I handle all Cash for keys Arizona transactions with highest level of confidentiality. 

Cash For Keys Arizona Is A Form of Loss Mitigation

Banks have finally realigned their process to to these Cash for Keys programs on a national basis and Cash for keys Arizona is here, get approval to do short sales versus foreclose on a home. Figures as high as $60,000 per foreclosure is what many banks pay for foreclosure and then often sell the home for tens of thousands of dollars less at auction than they could have short sold it for. So banks giving money for short sales is a form of loss mitigation for the bank and a Christmas in July for the seller and investors who own the bank notes. Banks giving money for short sales or Cash for Keys Arizona could have pulled us out of the market slump years ago; however, the red-tape got in the way.

It should be pointed out that the Realtor cannot instruct the seller on this Cash for Keys Arizona program so the seller must check their mail (if they are late on their mortgage payment). Sellers – point your Realtor to this article viz. Cash for keys Arizona and then call your bank.

Banks also face possible legal issues and federal lawsuits for not properly foreclosing on a home as well, so added to the $60,000 of foreclosure costs, thousands in lost sales value; so banks giving money for short sales or Cash for Keys is a wise move.

Cash For Keys Arizona – Everyone Seems To Win

The real estate industry has known these statistics for years that Cash for Keys Arizona is the best way to mitigate losses for the banks.banks giving money for short sales Too many times a Realtor tries to get a short sale approved, it gets declined and then sold at auction for 20% of its short sale value. Cash for Keys Arizona should help everyone in the long run. Now that the major banks have caught on they all follow suit. So if you are behind on your mortgage; Don’t throw your mail away read your mail! Banks giving money for short sales is the trend that will take us into 2012. Do you live in AZ and need short sale help? Call us to discuss the issue of banks giving money for short sales. Cash for Keys Arizona is the coming trend, don’t miss out on the banks giving money for short sales. Contact me to further discuss the Cash for Keys Arizona type programs. Like all programs Cash for Keys Arizona will have a time sensitive element. Cash for Keys Arizona can be a dream come true – call your banks and then call me!