Homes For Sale In Paradise Valley Arizona

Homes for sale in Paradise Valley Arizona are intimately snuggled between Scottsdale to the east and Phoenix to the west, the town of Paradise Valley is an elegant island of can’t-be-replaced real estate consisting of acre-plus sites boasting multi-million dollar estates and homes. Nestled in the sumptuous shadows of Camelback Mountain, Mummy Mountain and the majesties of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, many sprawling properties in this crown jewel community enjoy a rural desert look and feel, while others are high-style contemporary estates surrounded by lush lawns and luxuriant gardens. Once you start to look at the homes for sale in Paradise Valley Arizona, you won’t want to look at any other city!Homes For Sale In Paradise Valley Arizona

A little history about homes for sale in Paradise Valley Arizona: Before incorporating in 1961, early residents were concerned about the potential loss of the quiet lifestyle they so loved, and therefore decided to keep real estate zoning to a one house per acre minimum and to keep the area almost entirely residential; they also wanted to keep government regulation to a minimum. They met their goals – the prescient town founders helped ensure that the landscape of Paradise Valley would always retain its charm-filled ambience, a place where residents and guests will forever be able to savor the town’s serene surroundings, large open spaces and sensational views of magnificent urban mountains. Most homeowners also appreciate the fact that government oversight is minimal – the Town has a Council/Manager form of government and the Mayor, Council, Municipal Court judges and appointed members of boards and committees receive no compensation. Some of the celebrities that owned homes in Paradise Valley AZ back in the 1970’s were Glenn Campbell, Dick Van Dyke, Leslie Neilson, Stevie Nicks, Alice Cooper and many other famous stars. Homes for sale in Paradise Valley Arizona have always been restricted to one acre lots, that may have changed with a variance.Homes For Sale In Paradise Valley Arizona

Homes for sale in Paradise Valley Arizona are the most spectacular homes in the Valley

Paradise Valley’s real estate includes several exclusive private schools as well as a number of world-renowned resorts and hotels such as the Camelback Inn, The Sanctuary Resort and Spa on Camelback Mountain, The Phoenician and more. These luxurious homes-away-from-home cater to not only the lifestyles of the rich and famous, but they also offer close-by venues where “the locals” and visitors alike can enjoy a night of fine dining. In addition, numerous recreational opportunities exist, in particular in the realms of golf, tennis and hiking.

Overlooking glittering nighttime city views, the town of Paradise Valley is an enchanting enclave that flaunts a scattering of gravity-defying mountainside masterpieces — but the one thing that every single home in the town’s scant 16 square miles has in common is the cool cachet that comes with life in such a perfectly named slice of southwestern heaven. These homes for sale in Paradise Valley Arizona have been the elite of the elite, the “old money” the most elegant of Phoenix!

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