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Homes in The Islands Gilbert AZ are perfect for the person working at Intel in Chandler, Microchip in Chandler, Motorola, Freescale in Chandler, Orbital in Chandler, and other major employers in Chandler and South Tempe. Waterfront properties in Gilbert AZ are scarce these days; especially since the MLS is down to 20,000 homes as of July 2011. There are The Islands in Gilbert AZ which are affordable and relatively new and up to date amenities. Homes for sale in the Islands Gilbert AZ are an exciting get-away, an oasis in the desert, great fishing and sailing. The Lakes are absolutely gorgeous and deep blue. Homes in The Islands Gilbert AZ feature an elegant entry with a circular drive and beautiful fountain. Mostly situated on cul-de-sacs, these elegant homes have attractive gardens facing out onto the lake, providing beautiful views and a real sense of privacy. When you live by a lake, it’s always tempting to jump in to cool off, but wouldn’t it be better to relax in the comfort of your own personal pool? Many of the homes have private pools in the Islands, which we know you’ll love. Search homes in the Islands Gilbert AZ on this website by going to the tool bar and typing in the subdivision place holder THE ISLANDS. It’s that simple!

Homes in The Islands Gilbert AZ – Great Buys

These homes in the Islands Gilbert AZ have magnificent architecture and a truly exclusive setting, luxury properties in the Islands are among the most desirable homes in Arizona. Spacious rooms, attractive landscaping and local businesses catering to the more refined customer make these homes a must-see. If you’re on a tight budget but you dream of living in a beautiful area like this, we can help. Our MLS lists affordable homes for sale in the Islands and we can help you to find the perfect one for you, without compromising on comfort or style. These homes in the Islands Gilbert AZ are newer, surrounded by gorgeous blue lagoons and have a touch of California!

If you’re looking for somewhere relatively small and easy to manage in a great location, we have condos for sale in the Islands which you’ll love. Practical but stylish, they’re ideal for access to the city and benefit from excellent facilities in the nearby area.

Homes in The Islands Gilbert AZA quiet home beside a lake is an ideal place to raise your family, and the excellent amenities at the Islands mean that kids will always have something to do. We have four-bedroom homes for sale in The Islands which offer plenty of space for large families.

Quietly situated with local amenities and public transport reducing the need to use a car; homes in The Islands Gilbert AZ are eco-friendly Islands real estate is a great choice for people who worry about the environment. Living beside the water makes for a sustainable, balanced lifestyle which doesn’t strain precious desert resources.

If you’re looking for somewhere pleasant to live in the short term, use our MLS to look at the Islands rental homes today. You’ll be surprised at the variety of properties available in this superb location, and we can help you find just what you’re after. Once you realize how great this community is, you won’t hesitate to purchase one of the lovely the Islands homes for sale.

Homes in the Islands Gilbert AZ are near Gilbert Mercy Hospital, Orbital, Freescale Chandler, Avent Chander,and Intel Tempe

Homes in the Islands Gilbert AZ are again near some of the major employers that are close to or near homes in The Islands in Gilbert AZ are, Banner Health Care, Wal-Mart, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, Gilbert Mercy Hospital, GoDaddy Chandler, MicroChip Chandler, PayPal Chandler, Ebay Chandler, Boeing Mesa, and Intel Chandler AZ.

The Islands are close the 101, 202 and US 60 Freeways and minutes away from shopping and the new Gilbert Mercy Hospital. If you are interested in foreclosure homes in Gilbert AZ, buying a waterfront home in Gilbert AZ or Chandler AZ give us a call. We can Also find you a home within 10 minutes of the many hospital emergency rooms and of course homes close to Boeing, Intel, Motorola, General Dynamics and many of the major employers in Gilbert AZ and Chandler AZ. If you are a conservative you will like the East Valley because it is probably 75% conservative with regards to its political and social values. These people are friendly and open to everyone so even one of no political persuasion will still fit in well with the crowd and nobody comes to your door asking to see your voter registration card. Homes in The Islands Gilbert AZ are among the nicest communities in Gilbert and all of Phoenix.