An estimate 10 % of the male population in the United States suffers from major depression; some figures are as high as 50 million Americans suffer from insomnia which is a symptom of mental illness. Mental illness is quite pervasive in our society. In the United States, for example, mental disorders are the second most common basis for charges of discrimination and workplace harassment under the Americans with Disabilities Act. In years past of the disability cases brought to trial only 2% of the decisions favored the employee. Mental illness is one of the most debilitating illnesses in society, and no different from any other physical illness since it is grounded in physiological issues just as any other disease. In the case of mental illness the organ in the body that is not functioning properly is the brain which fails to produce the proper levels of chemical responsible for our moods, emotions, behaviors, and often our thoughts. This is no different from the kidneys failing to work and causing a renal shut down – yet we don’t see people laughing or making snide remarks about people on dialysis or with diabetes or people in wheelchairs like we do when people mock those suffering from the brain not functioning properly. Of course this is in large due to ignorance and failure to educate the public about the physiological grounding of mental illness and how it doesn’t differ one iota from any other physical illness. So does the Chicago Psychiatrist website is a good site.

The mentally ill have many problems with regard to a lack of legal advocacy and protection from discrimination in the workplace and other social issues such as marital and divorce situations where they are often unfairly treated. Many are also in the dilemma of concerns of workplace discrimination and often never take advantage of the benefits that are due them out of fear of loss of job or promotion. This doesn’t have to be the case.

In September of 2011 the city of Flagstaff Arizona had to undergo severe budget cuts and drastically reduce its aid to the mentally ill. As a result of this the ER’s in the hospitals have experienced unseen levels of suicide threats and attempts, due to patients who have decompensated from their medications. This is nothing new, the segments of the population that are usually the first to feel the effects of drastic budget cuts are those groups that cannot stand up for themselves or lack the advocacy to defend their rights. Unfortunately those with mental health challenges are among the first to be neglected. the irony of this is that these are the most severe diseases and ultimately have the most detrimental impact on society if left untreated, yet this is politics at its worst or shall I say best?

Quite often patients are laid off or terminated from their employment and are in great need of assistance to file for their just compensation and protection under the law. If you should find yourself in the position where you are being denied your rights under such as rights provided you through the Americans with Disabilities Act, or if you find yourself in a domestic situation whereby your disability is being unfairly used against to gain advantage in divorce or custody disputes; make sure you consult with an experienced psychiatrist and attorney who is aware of your rights and privileges. Employees need not go into court with a 2% chance of winning a discrimination case. A good Scottsdale Psychiatrist can be found by clicking on this link and if you are reading this and live in the Chicago area you may with to click Chicago Psychiatrist. If you are looking for a group to support that will be of great benefit to society please consider NAMI or one of the other organizations that are advocates for mental illness.