Sponsor a Liberal

Sponsor a Liberal Foundation

Sponsor a Liberal Foundation


Starting at just $28 a month – that’s less than $1 a day (for those in Rio Linda) – you can change a Liberal’s life and help break the cycle of ignorance and misinformation. Witness the happiness on your liberal’s face, as they experience their first epiphany, realizing that they have been had by their parents, teachers and the slanted media coverage. 


How sponsorship helps
Your sponsorship will help provide a liberal with the necessities for a healthy and successful transition from unsustainable Sponsor a Liberal Foundation bleeding-heart socialistic fantasy to their new life of fiscal responsibility, smaller government, Constitution protection, and a thorough understanding that the rich create jobs (not government) and you can’t give something to someone who hasn’t earned it.

Your generosity ultimately lifts entire communities. Our programs reach liberals’ children, teachers, caregivers and community organizers. Together we help save the country, protect it from union extortion and provide us all with hope for the future.


How sponsorship works
Each liberal is identified, Sponsor a Liberaltargeted and strongly encouragSponsor a Liberal Foundationed to participate in our sponsorship programs in consultation with their family or clergy.    Some are even recruited from the various Occupy movements, given a decent meal, a clean shower and respectable clothes. Your donations to Sponsor a Liberal Foundation, for your liberal are combined with the gifts of other sponsors and donors – rather than just being giving directly to your liberal for new Prius batteries.

Not only will you receive a picture of the liberal you are sponsoring, you have the opportunity to write letters and emails to your liberal and to receive correspondence from them. You will also get updates from our staff who work with your lib and will receive our quarterly newsletters.  If you donate enough, we may even name a star after you.


Your sponsored liberal
You are encouraged – but not obliged – to build a friendship with your lib. They are eager and excited to hear the other side of the story, and happy to share about their recovery.   Sponsor a Liberal Foundation

Letters and drawings from your lib will allow you to learn more about daily life in their own words and experiences (don’t be surprised if it’s plagiarized from Move-0n.org). The letters are in your liberal’s own hand writing (a parent or sibling may help them if they can’t writeSponsor a Liberal Foundation). A translation is provided by our field staff, if necessary.  We can even translate Ebonics and Marxist writings.

As they begin to let go of their indoctrinated vocabulary and various liberal talking points, you will share in the daily joys and struggles of your liberal’s life.  Watch them evolve and prosper.  Your sponsorship helps provide liberals with the necessities for a healthy and successful start to their new life – deprograming, nutrition, accounting classes, hygiene, haircuts, and general cleanliness.  Unfortunately, not all sponsored libs are successful in their transition to enlightenment.   It’s a lot easier to rely on government hand-outs than compete for a larger portion of the pie.

Sponsor a Liberal Foundation



Disclaimer:  Like most non-profits, only .00125% of Sponsor a Liberal Foundation revenue actually makes it to the intended recipient.  The balance goes to the owner of this website.  Please donate as much as you can today.